Thursday, July 19, 2007

MIT Photovoltaics Community Summer Social - TODAY - Thurs, 7/19/07, Muddy Charles Pub

The MIT Energy Club is holding an "MIT Photovoltaics Community Social" at MIT's campus pub, the Muddy Charles Pub TODAY, Thurs 7/19/07 from 6-8PM. The event will be hosted by myself and MIT's recent first-ever "pure play" photovoltaics professor Tonio Buonassisi.

Expected attendees include MIT professors, MIT graduate students, and industry folks from Evergreen Solar, Stellaris, RSI Silicon, and a number of other regional solar companies.

This social is one of a series of events sponsored by the MIT Energy Club to build the MIT PV community, which has included a number of socials as well as two MIT IAP courses on Photovoltaics.

Slides from these courses can be found at this link.

Hope to see everyone there!


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