Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MIT alum and Energy Club member David Berry wins Technology Review's TR35 Innovator of the Year!

Congrats to MIT energy alum and active Energy Club member David Berry, currently a principal at Flagship Ventures, for being named Technology Review Magazine's "TR35 Innovator of the Year" in large part for his innovative scientific and entrepreneurial work in founding LS9, a Flagship-founded company using synthetic biology to coax organisms into making petroleum-like fuels.

Way to go David!


Curt Fischer said...

Wow! Go Dave B. That's great news and a testament to the power of biological approaches to energy (I never resist the opportunity for a self-plug).

David Danielson said...

David is indeed an impressive guy. On a fun note, he taught me that health care and energy are the two global "trillion dollar markets".

He's in both. :)

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