Thursday, September 13, 2007

MIT Energy Conference 2008 dates set for April 11-12, 2008 at the Kendall Marriott

Over the summer, the MIT Energy Conference 2008 directors were huddled away at MIT's Muddy Charles Pub laying the foundation for this year's conference.

(MIT World just put up Jeff Immelt's keynote address from last conference here.)

The conference date has been set for April 11-12, 2008 at the MIT/Kendall Marriott Hotel. An open-to-the-public New England Energy Showcase event will be held the evening of Friday,, April 11, while the conference itself will be all day Sat, April 12.

This year's directors are:

  • James Schwartz (Managing Director): James is the current co-president of the MIT Energy Club and was a conference director last year. He is a 2nd year Sloan MBA student student with a background in wind power and a strong interest in energy project development and entrepreneurship.
  • Daniel Enderton (Content Co-Director): Daniel is currently the co-president of the MIT Energy Club and was a content co-director last year as well. Daniel is a PhD Climate Physics student and has a strong interest in a career in the utility sector working to decarbonize the grid.
  • Andy Peterson (Content Co-Director): Andy is a content co-director of this year's conference. Andy is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering working on biofuels conversion methods. He is the co-founder of C3 Biofuels, a renewable biomass-to-propane conversion company.
  • Jason Roeder (Marketing Director): Jason Roeder is the marketing director for this year's conference. Jason is currently the MIT Energy Club Treasurer and is a 2nd year Sloan MBA student. Jason has a deep policy background, having previously worked on energy/environmental policy in Mitt Romney's MA gubernatorial administration.
  • Justin Ashton (Logistics Director): Justin will be ably filling the shoes of former rockstar logistics director Alissa Jones, who has moved onto greener pastures at McKinsey. Justin is a 2nd year sloan student and also serves as the MIT Energy Club's Industry Relations Chair.
  • Steve Carpenter (Showcase Director): Steve will be heading up the organization of the Friday night "MIT-New England Energy Showcase" for the 2nd time this year. Steve is a 2nd year Sloan MBA student.

The content directors will have an open call for panel ideas and conference organizers in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled here for announcements!