Wednesday, November 14, 2007

9 MIT Energy Profs Granted Tenure.... 18% of Total

MIT Tech Talk announced this week that the MIT Corporation has recently granted tenure to 50 MIT professors.

By my count 9 out of the 50 can be considered "energy professors". This provides one data point indicating that ~20% of MIT profs can be considered to be working actively in energy. Note: Bolded profs have been involved with the MIT Energy Club.

Full Tenured Professors:
  • Bill Green (Chemical Engineering) - leader in computer simulation of reactive chemical processes - active in understanding catalytic reactions for hydrocarbon refining/conversion/upgrading
  • Jonas Peters (Chemistry) - design of new inorganic and organic nonmetallic transformations and the synthesis of novel ligands and transition metal complexes with applications in solar and solar-to-fuels
  • John Brisson II (Mechanical Engineering) - work on carbon sequestration
  • Rajeev Ram (EECS) - work on thermophotovoltaics

Other Energy Professors Receiving Tenure:

  • Vladimir Bulovic (EECS) - leader in molecular, nanostructured, and organic semiconductor electronics and optoelectronics - active in organic and organic/nanocrystal hybrid solar
  • Nicola Marzari (Materials Science) - leader in first-principles calculations of materials properties - active in hydrogen storage, catalysis, and other energy areas
  • David Perreault (EECS) - leader in power electronics
  • Senthil Todadri (Physics) - works on theory of high-temperature superconductors
  • John Fernandez (Architecture) - leader in the field of sustainable and resource-efficient buildings

Nice diversity of expertise represented here. I'm curious if this ~20% number is accurate.....

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