Sunday, November 4, 2007

Energy Night a Success!

Unprecedented numbers flocked to the MIT Museum on October 12 to find the most cutting-edge MIT energy research, the hottest MIT energy start-ups, and the most dynamic MIT labs. They were not dissapointed as Energy Night at the MIT Museum exploded in its 3rd year running.

Energy Night is the MIT Energy Club’s premiere community building event for the fall semester. It was a huge success for the club, with over 40 presenters exhibiting their research and MIT-based businesses to over 1200 attendees.

MIT Museum’s new exhibition space provided ample room for attendees and presenters to mingle. Appetizers and a jazz band set the scene for an exchange of energy ideas and information. Fergus Hurly, a Co-Director of Energy Night mentioned, “One of the unique aspects of Energy Night is its ability to get MIT researchers to discuss their most recent breakthroughs with the wider MIT community.” At left Chris Evans from the MIT Engineering Systems Division explains his research on the future of transportation fuel.

Presenters included the Laboratory for Plasma Fusion and Science, the Environmentally Benign Manufacturing Lab, and the MIT affiliated Draper Labs. General Motor’s new plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt (right photo), highlighted the night as attendees received an up close view of the sports car before entering the Museum. Surprise guest, Craig Cornelius, Solar Programs Director at the Department of Energy also stopped in to see what the buzz was about.

A major goal of the Energy Night event is to encourage the greater energy community to meet each other and discuss ideas for new research areas and business opportunities. Albert Park, and Arthur Mak, two MIT students interested in developing a new carbon conversion technology, came to Energy Night to find new teammates. Arthur mentioned, “We are eager to connect with like-minded individuals and to educate ourselves on the technology landscape. We are looking forward to meeting talented innovators who can help our company going forward.” Similarly, the demand management company, EnerNOC, pitched their business with attendees, but also emphasized job opportunities within their growing company. Seph Skerritt, a second-year student at the MIT Sloan School of Management was pleased with the networking opportunities available through Energy Night, noting “Everywhere I turned there was someone with an incredible technology. I was highly impressed with the event."

Summing up the event, Jason Roeder, a Sloan second year, noted, “Energy Night truly exhibits the passion and excitement regarding energy at MIT. It has grown to be the capstone of the MIT Energy Club’s fall events.” MIT Energy Night is already scheduled for October 10, 2008.

First-Year Sloan students Jenny Kwan and Burt Lafountain mingling at Energy Night


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